It was February 10, 1972 and about 60 people in a pub in London got to witness something that at the time might not have seemed like such a big deal. That was the night that David Bowie appeared in his first concert performance as his character Ziggy Stardust. It was at London’s Toby Jug pub that Bowie introduced the first, and only, androgynous Martian rock star.

He dumped the Ziggy persona a little more than a year after he created it, beginning a long and varied career for the stylistic chameleon Bowie. Over the years he dabbled in soul, funk, dance, industrial and rock music. Although his popularity ebbed and flowed over time, he did exactly what he wanted to do.

His final album Black Star was released to critical acclaim just days before his death, which came exactly one month to the day before the anniversary of the introduction of Ziggy to the public.